Believe in Anything? | Stand to Reason Podcast

Believe in Anything? | Stand to Reason Podcast

Believe in Anything? | Stand to Reason Podcast

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Greg describes an interaction he had with someone wearing a mask that said simply, “Believe,” then he answers your questions.

0:00 Introduction
6:03 Commentary — Believe in anything?
31:47 How should I respond to a family member who has left Jesus, embraced a “higher power,” and is now planning to divorce her husband?
47:34 How much do we need to know about the gospel in order to be saved?

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2 thoughts on “Believe in Anything? | Stand to Reason Podcast

  1. Chris Miller

    We are more than just post modern these days, we are post truth.

    November 13, 2021 at 5:07 am Reply
  2. Jenna

    How do you respond to "believe"? It's called RELIGIOUS LIBERTY, something Xtians fight against but they won't admit it. And the person who "left Jesus and is going to divorce"–so what? That's HER BUSINESS. Again, you guys don't know how to stay out of some other fully-functioning adult's business. You have some unrealistic and, frankly, unbiblical view of marriage and then you want to inflict that. If you look up the GREEK (as if Jews wrote in Greek, but that's a whole other issue) there are TWO words used. One is putting away, apoluo. Then there's a divorce formally, apostacion. When God sent the northern Kingdom packing, you notice he SENT THEM AWAY (apoluo) and also gave them a divorce. Those are two different actions. Men were throwing women away without giving them a proper formal divorce, which meant she could not get on with HER LIFE. If she did, both she and the man were adulterating, literally she could get pregnant by another and her husband come and bring her home again, causing no end of problems. BUT NO. You guys insist on bashing people over their PRIVATE PERSONAL business. No wonder 700,000 Americans are quitting church EVERY SINGLE YEAR. And you can't stop it. Soon Christianity and its Bronze Age code of behavior will be sitting on some dusty shelf of history were it belongs.

    November 13, 2021 at 5:07 am Reply

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