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El Paso and Dayton
1 2 18 Oct 2021
Tragedy strikes in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio. As the nation…
Best Argument for The Second Amendment
0 39 13 Oct 2021
The BEST Argument For The Second Amendment There has NEVER been a…
Was Jesus Christ A Socialist?
1 18 08 Oct 2021
The fact that Jesus was anything other than the savior of the…
The Charlie Kirk Show: Live With Pastor Jack Hibbs at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills
3 4 03 Oct 2021
On this special Christmas edition of The Charlie Kirk Show, Charlie joins…
People Can be Intelligent Without a College Degree
8 8 28 Sep 2021
College classes are starting back up soon. This is your daily reminder…
Why Aren’t Feminists Against MEN In Women’s Sports?
13 6 23 Sep 2021
The real war on women is forcing them to compete against biological…
Charlie Kirk Crushes Hardcore Socialist
11 4 18 Sep 2021
Charlie Kirk debates a committed socialist and destroys his "logic" source
ANTIFA Protestors Dump Water on Charlie Kirk
16 2 13 Sep 2021
Charlie Kirk has water dumped on his head after leaving breakfast. source
Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens BLAST Linda Sarsour’s FAKE Feminism
22 41 08 Sep 2021
During their visit to Stanford, Charlie and Candace call out Linda Sarsour…
Drug Legalization is Hurting America
24 32 03 Sep 2021
Pete Buttigieg is calling for the decriminalization of all drugs. Including meth…