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7 30 20 Apr 2021
Never forget the real roots of Joe Biden. He's a bitter and…
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11 22 15 Apr 2021
Socialism sucks. Don't let the left lie to you. Know the truth…
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Debate Night 2020 is HERE. Here's what President Donald Trump needs to…
Trump DID Denounce White Supremacy
25 47 31 Mar 2021
Don’t let the Biden & Wallace double ambush distract you from @Donald…
Charlie Kirk: Advice for Starting in Politics
11 27 26 Mar 2021
Work harder than everyone else. In America, hard work guarantees success. source
The BEST Argument Against Critical Race Theory
24 49 15 Mar 2021
Critical Race Theory will destroy America if we don't destroy Critical Race…
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22 25 05 Mar 2021
Here’s how Vice President Pence can win tonight’s debate and carry the…