God Can’t Be Scientifically Quantified – Challenge Response

God Can't Be Scientifically Quantified - Challenge Response

God Can’t Be Scientifically Quantified – Challenge Response

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Alan Shlemon’s response to this week’s challenge: God Can’t Be Scientifically Quantified. For more info, visit str.org.


5 thoughts on “God Can’t Be Scientifically Quantified – Challenge Response

  1. DoMDoM DooDelY

    I Can 101% confirm that there is no existence of soul. its just religious views. actually , after death we become plants, trees, or , sand or stones or yeah anything. again the same thing is eaten by something like for example: you are a human you die on a forest. your body parts will mix in the grass , etc.the grass will be eaten bydeer and the grass will form as a sperm for deer . it connects with female deer and yeah you become deer. this is what life cycle means in my View and this quote or motto is the best example of life after Death.

    August 20, 2021 at 9:47 pm Reply
  2. Re-Vera

    The claim he starts off with that he is going to respond to, is an immature and silly one.  He probably pulled it off the youtube comments…

    Obviously its hypothetically possible for things to exist in reality that haven't been proven by science.  Or even suggested by science.  The Milky Way existed as a galaxy before any scientists were aware of it…

    The point this immature poster SHOULD have made, is that without any convincing reason or evidence to think something exists, there is no reason to think it exists.

    That doesn't mean it CAN'T exist… merely that there is no reason to think it does.

    It's fully possible the Star Wars galaxy far far away exists precisely as described.

    But there is no reason to think it does. 

    Harry Potter could exist and live in a magical society that parallels ours, but is simply invisible to us muggles. 

    But there is no reason to think it does.

    God could exist somewhere, somehow.

    But there is no reason to think it does.

    And furthermore, if this claimed God interacted with this world in any measurable way, we WOULD be able to quantify that interaction in some way.  

    So while a Deistic and irrelevant God is hypothetically possible, same as Star Wars and Harry Potter, a Theistic God that interacts in our world is supremely improbable (but still not impossible, obviously… absolutes have little application on these issues).

    All studies and tests (there have been MANY) looking for any sign of the influence of a God, have failed.  

    The video attempts to place God outside of the grasp of science, by definition, without defending that conclusion.   But many of the supernatural claims of religions can be, and have been tested by science, and directly intrude on the domain of science.

    Love does exist.  Science can't fully quantify it YET, that doesn't mean it never can.  But that doesn't mean science can't study it.
    It's a subjective phenomena, and science studies these all the times.  And has learned a great amount of helpful information by doing so.
    Subjective experiences can be studied by comparing testimony of those claiming the experience, and analyzing the consistencies and the inconsistencies, and then applying solutions or extra factors, and then again comparing testimonies.

    We can't fully quantify pain either, and yet we still have come a LONG way in medicating and controlling it, by the above techniques.

    The biggest mistake, is claiming that a subjective experiences, proves your claimed cause of said experience.

    By this rationale, I could say love proves Cupid.  

    This is why good doctors don't believe your claimed "causes" or self diagnoses.  You might THINK your back hurts because you slept on it funny.  But it might actually be a tumor.. or bone spur… or other progressive disease that needs to be diagnosed and treated.

    They aren't questioning the subjective experience of pain, they are questioning the claimed cause of it.

    In the same way, I don't question religious experiences, I only question the claimed supernatural causes of them.

    He asks if what the third Reich did in WW2 was appropriate.  I ask you, was it biblically wrong?  You can't say genocide is wrong according to the Bible, because God commands it numerous times.  The bible sets precedent.  If its ok for the Jews to commit genocide against the original inhabitants of their land and cleanse it, why isn't it ok for the Germans to cleanse their land?

    If its ok for God to command neighboring towns to wipe out every man, woman, and child in any town that allows a few people of another faith to live (Deut 13), why is it not ok for the Germans to kill those who believe and practice differently?

    At least they didn't kill everyone in a town that allowed Jews to live…

    Obviously it was wrong, but you can't make that argument from the Bible, which proves the Bible is not the ultimate authority on moral issues.

    August 20, 2021 at 9:47 pm Reply
  3. wwwTrueFreethinker

    This is why the more that Atheists cry "SCIENCE!" the more we can know that they 1) know not of what they speak, 2) they are holding to scientism, 3) they have turned scientism into a worldview and 4) they do not understand that you need to apply the right tool for the right job.
    We do not use a microscope to view the heavens nor a telescope to view a cell.
    Likewise, we should use a tool that was designed by theists (to explore the material realm) in an attempt to explore the immaterial realm.
    Science was designed to find material causes for material effects.
    To claim that science concludes that there is nothing immaterial / supernatural is tantamount to wearing glasses with red lenses, refusing to take them off and demanding that the only colors that exist are shades of red.
    Atheists are staring into a corner, refusing to turn around and concluding that only the little corner exists.
    They are purposefully blinding themselves even whilst claiming to have 20/20 vision.
    The objection was just another well-within-the-box-Atheist-group-think-talking-point-de jour.

    August 20, 2021 at 9:47 pm Reply
  4. The Layman's Lounge

    Great response to scientism! It seems this is often the way of thinking amongst those who adhere to New Atheism and Antitheism. Appreciate the solid answers you gave to this challenge!

    August 20, 2021 at 9:47 pm Reply
  5. Steven Bowser

    I think many people just resort to making the issue "God vs. Science" as if the two are opposites. But that just isn't true, and it's actually an immature thing to oversimplify the issue so much.

    August 20, 2021 at 9:47 pm Reply

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