Matthew 13 – Part 3 – The End of the Age and the Parable of the Harvest

Matthew 13 - Part 3 - The End of the Age and the Parable of the Harvest

Matthew 13 – Part 3 – The End of the Age and the Parable of the Harvest

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Matthew 13 explained. In this video, we will study about the nature of the Kingdom of Heaven and this world. The very end of the age has to do with the harvest and the separation between believers and the rest of the world.

The parable of the harvest is quite important for us believers to be prepared and to be ready for the Messias. The mustard seed also refers to the labors of the kingdom of heaven and which is the smallest of all the deeds.

Join us in this bible study and rediscover the bible

Baruch Korman PhD presents a detailed analysis, interpretation and understanding of the Book of Matthew Chapter 13 Part 3.

About Baruch: R. Baruch is the senior lecturer at the Zera Avraham Institute based in Israel. He also appears on the Israeli Television program Pdut L’amo where he teaches each week from the Bible (This program is in Hebrew).

A similar Bible-study program in English and several other languages is broadcast on numerous television networks across North America, including Canada, Central America and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. These lectures are also available in both video and audio form and are found on major internet platforms. Please search as the primary channel name. For articles and additional information, please see (English), (Hebrew), or (Spanish).

Baruch holds a PhD in Jewish Studies. His dissertation was in the translation techniques of the Septuagint. Baruch has been married for over 30 years to his wife, Rivka, and they have three adult children. The Kormans live in Israel.

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8 thoughts on “Matthew 13 – Part 3 – The End of the Age and the Parable of the Harvest

  1. Brighton Sithole

    Thank you once again Dr Baruck. May God continue to Bless your Ministry, and it is our Hope that many will hear this message and respond.

    August 7, 2022 at 5:05 am Reply
  2. Iverson Purwanto

    Good teachings

    August 7, 2022 at 5:05 am Reply
  3. Olive H. Erna

    Where can I find a congregtion teaching this? Almost nowhere!
    If the LORD would not instruct me through HIS WORD I guess I would be dead for a long time…..
    Thank you Dr. Baruch! You are a leader through darkness! OUr Lord and King shower you with blessings!

    August 7, 2022 at 5:05 am Reply
  4. Rosa collins

    Such a blessing! One note – Has your microphone changed? Because your voice is not as clear and sounds muffled, no matter how high I turn up my volume This just started with your last few lessons. Thanks again Dr. Korman. May God continue to bless you as you bless so many.

    August 7, 2022 at 5:05 am Reply
  5. Nanette Shipp

    There is no place for my family to go for a congregation that is in our area.

    August 7, 2022 at 5:05 am Reply
  6. Kathleen

    Thank you Brother Korman, I look forward to your weekly teachings. I am also following along with your teaching series of the book of Revelation.

    August 7, 2022 at 5:05 am Reply
  7. Greg Holman

    Brother Baruch, Theres a Rabbi I heard while listening to Judith Levi's channel recently who claimed that the story of the three Mary's in Matthew 28 going to Jesus' tomb on early Sunday morning with herbs & spices to anoint his body was a fabrication & didn't make sense. A couple of his arguments that he raised was (1) why would they go to a tomb when the stench from Jesus' body would have been unbearable, (2) the purpose of anointing a decaying corpse was to mask the odor during the funeral proceedings but Jesus having already been placed in the tomb would have served no purpose for the women to have gone there & done that. Besides, he added that the activity would have been preformed by Nicodemus prior to the funeral proceedings. This Rabbi claims that the entire story was made up in order that it could be said that Jesus had risen from the grave…God Bless, & I Look forward to your teaching on this subject matter.

    August 7, 2022 at 5:05 am Reply
  8. Greg Holman

    My Soul Has Been Edified, Thank You Brother Baruch!

    August 7, 2022 at 5:05 am Reply

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