Pastor Lutzer l The Church In Babylon – Sermon 6

Pastor Lutzer l The Church In Babylon - Sermon 6

Pastor Lutzer l The Church In Babylon – Sermon 6

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You are listening to “Mourning The Destruction Of A Great City” sermon 6 of the series, “The Church in Babylon”

The book of Lamentations contains funeral dirges for the devastated city of Jerusalem. Tragedy enveloped the city, and Jeremiah wept over her demise. God had destroyed her, for the people had refused to heed the prophet’s call for repentance.

As we consider our own nation, we must remember that God can bless and destroy nations. Will we weep like Jeremiah for the sins which pile up among us – hate, violence, child abuse, and family divisions? Even in the midst of destruction – which may or may not be coming for America – we can find hope in Jesus Christ. His steadfast love will never fail us.
What comes to mind when you hear the name Babylon? Babylon is often used as a symbol of man’s rebellion against God. Thanks to their rebellion, the Jews were eventually carried off into Babylon, where they tried to maintain their faith in the midst of a pagan culture. These messages from the book of Jeremiah walk through what happened before the coming of the Babylonians and the destruction of Jerusalem. We will see parallels to our own nation; more importantly, we will look into our own hearts and see that we, like generations before us, must prepare for dark and difficult days. These messages are intended to motivate us to be faithful in a pagan culture that is under the judgment of God.
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