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Embarrassing Testimony
16 20 13 Oct 2022
The principle of embarrassment: if there is something embarrassing in the text,…
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Dr. Frank Turek presents "I Don't Have Enough Faith To Be An…
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What if I tell you that the "SIX BLIND MEN AND THE…
Fearless Faith: A Discussion on Truth
21 22 28 Sep 2022
As Christians, we should be prepared to defend our faith and present…
Are Beliefs the Result of Where One Is Born?
22 42 23 Sep 2022
This is used as an objection against religion in general but this…
“It’s True, But I don’t Accept It”
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What do you do when you show a non-believer that Christianity is…
How Is objective Truth An Argument For God?
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Discussing the objective truth, the laws of logic and the existence of…
Can the truth of Christianity be established?
32 32 04 Sep 2022
Talking about the objectivity of truth and its relationship with Christianity. source
Can only empirically verified claims be true?
51 25 30 Aug 2022
Showing the contradiction of some empirical statements. source