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Student Says Trump is “Immoral”…Gets Destroyed by Charlie Kirk
5 36 28 Dec 2021
I'm thankful for a president that makes promises and actually keeps them.…
ANTIFA Protestors Dump Water on Charlie Kirk
31 2 13 Sep 2021
Charlie Kirk has water dumped on his head after leaving breakfast. source
Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens BLAST Linda Sarsour’s FAKE Feminism
36 41 08 Sep 2021
During their visit to Stanford, Charlie and Candace call out Linda Sarsour…
The Candace Owens Show: Charlie Kirk
43 43 25 Aug 2021
Charlie Kirk, founder and executive director of Turning Point USA, joins Candace…
Charlie Kirk: Feminism is Toxic
73 41 15 Jul 2021
Feminism is Toxic. And it’s much more about hating men than empowering…
Charlie Kirk Destroys Leftist Lies About America
72 34 09 Jul 2021
America is not a racist country. To hear my full conversation with…
Charlie Kirk LIVE At Godspeak Calvary Chapel Thousand Oaks Pt. 1
75 23 04 Jul 2021
Charlie joins Pastor Rob McCoy to deliver a sermon from his church—Godspeak…
Charlie Kirk & Dr. Jordan Peterson LIVE from Dallas, TX
110 45 29 Jun 2021
Charlie Kirk joins Dr. Jordan Peterson to discuss the roots of communism,…
God Bless Bill Montgomery For Fighting For America
40 20 24 Jun 2021
Bill Montgomery was an American hero. When he passed away, our country…
Charlie Kirk Opens The Republican National Convention
75 42 19 Jun 2021
America is a nation worth saving. Donald Trump is our only hope…