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Jesus Makes Headlines: Was Jesus Intolerant?
25 0 12 Dec 2021
In this message, Dr. Frank Turek uses the story of Jesus overturning…
Are People Inherently Good?
28 26 06 Dec 2021
Addressing some issues about legislating morality, government and human nature. source
How To Talk About The Transgender Bathroom Issue And The Truth About it.
28 37 01 Dec 2021
Dr. Frank Turek, Det. J. Warner Wallace and Dr. Mike Adams speak…
Questions About Tolerance
27 37 27 Nov 2021
Addresses some issues about tolerance, same-sex marriage, and gender ideology. source
Are you a Hater?
42 13 17 Nov 2021
If you disagree with me then you're a hater... well at least…
Christianity’s Place in Politics… Divorce, Homosexuality & More.
30 22 12 Nov 2021
A student asks Dr. Frank Turek what is the place of Christianity…
Six Reasons North Carolina Got It Right!
27 26 07 Nov 2021
Six Reasons North Carolina Got It Right! My speech in Raleigh, NC…
What do I say to my gay friends whom I want to become Christians?
30 43 02 Nov 2021
Frank gives some advice on what to say to gay friends that…
What is the Solution to the Problem of Abortion in America?
33 20 28 Oct 2021
Addressing some issues about the problem of abortion in America. source
Should Christians Abandon The Term “Evangelical”?
31 25 23 Oct 2021
Addressing some issues about apologetics, evangelism and the concept of "evangelical". source