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Can a mature Christian be pro-choice on abortion?
58 20 30 Aug 2021
Mike Adams addresses the question of the possibility of being a Christian…
Can I be punished legally for criticizing someone publicly?
43 20 25 Aug 2021
Mike Adams talks about whether there are legal problems for attacking public…
Won’t abortion continue even if it’s made illegal?
48 40 20 Aug 2021
Mike Adams addresses the pro-choice argument about the illegality of abortion. source
Is overpopulation a good argument for abortion?
77 40 15 Aug 2021
Mike Adams addresses the abortionist argument of overpopulation. source
Can The End Of Mark’s Gospel Be Trusted?
48 27 12 Aug 2021
It is believed the the end of the gospel of Mark may…
Unity on the issue of abortion?
55 24 10 Aug 2021
Mike Adams talks about abortion. #Apologetics #Theology source
How Do We Know The Gospels Were Written In the First Century?
65 11 07 Aug 2021
Frank explains in simple term why we know that the N.T. documents…
What do I say to someone walking into an abortion clinic?
49 36 05 Aug 2021
Mike Adams addresses a difficult question about what to say to someone…
Bible Details About Jesus Are Not Consistent? How Bad Is That For Christians?
60 41 02 Aug 2021
Frank Turek responds to skeptics who cite that the Biblical accounts of…
Does The Discovery Of The Sayings Of Jesus Discredit The New Testament?
80 24 28 Jul 2021
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