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Questions About Tolerance
1 37 27 Nov 2021
Addresses some issues about tolerance, same-sex marriage, and gender ideology. source
Are you a Hater?
4 13 17 Nov 2021
If you disagree with me then you're a hater... well at least…
Christianity’s Place in Politics… Divorce, Homosexuality & More.
3 22 12 Nov 2021
A student asks Dr. Frank Turek what is the place of Christianity…
Six Reasons North Carolina Got It Right!
4 26 07 Nov 2021
Six Reasons North Carolina Got It Right! My speech in Raleigh, NC…
What do I say to my gay friends whom I want to become Christians?
4 43 02 Nov 2021
Frank gives some advice on what to say to gay friends that…
What is the Solution to the Problem of Abortion in America?
6 20 28 Oct 2021
Addressing some issues about the problem of abortion in America. source
Should Christians Abandon The Term “Evangelical”?
7 25 23 Oct 2021
Addressing some issues about apologetics, evangelism and the concept of "evangelical". source
Should there be a rape exception for abortion?
5 22 18 Oct 2021
Mike Adams addresses the problem of abortion and rape. #Abortion #Mike Adams…
Dr. Mike Adams addresses apathy toward abortion by asking “Is the unborn my neighbor?”
5 35 13 Oct 2021
Dr. Mike Adams responds to Christian apathy toward abortion by focusing on…
Is America a Christian Nation?
7 48 08 Oct 2021
Having a conversation about Christianity and politics in the United States. source