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The Gospels Were Selected for Political Reasons – Challenge Response
18 0 25 Apr 2021
Here's Brett's response to this week's challenge. Find the challenge here: http://www.str.org/blog/challenge-the-gospels-were-selected-for-political-reasons…
How Do We Know the Gospels Are Inspired?
31 0 28 Mar 2021
Greg Koukl of Stand to Reason offers reasons we can know the…
The Gospel Writers Were Just Educated Storytellers – Challenge Response
28 0 11 Mar 2021
Here's the original challenge: http://www.str.org/blog/challenge-the-gospel-writers-were-just-educated-storytellers source
Overview: Mark
145 45 14 Feb 2021
Watch our overview video on the book of Mark, which breaks down…
Overview: New Testament
80 25 13 Feb 2021
Watch our overview video on the New Testament. This video breaks down…
Bible Evidence – If the Gospels Are Inerrant, Why Do They Contain Discrepancies?
28 0 11 Feb 2021
Do the discrepancies contained in the gospel accounts point to collaboration or…