Tim Barnett: Did Jesus Rise From The Dead?

Tim Barnett: Did Jesus Rise From The Dead?

Tim Barnett: Did Jesus Rise From The Dead?

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This talk was given at Praise Church (praisechurch.tv) in Beaumont, TX. Tim Barnett looks at some of the reasons why he believes Jesus’ resurrection is the best explanation of the historical evidence.

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1 thought on “Tim Barnett: Did Jesus Rise From The Dead?

  1. The Theoretical Theologian

    Love it, glory to God!
    I think it is funny that atheists actually came up with a theory to try and explain the resurrection in that Jesus had to have been an alien? 👽 lol
    This just goes to show how great a leap they will go to try and explain it away but of course this terrible theory doesn’t work either.

    September 13, 2022 at 6:45 am Reply

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